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AC Repair In Mumbai

AC Repair In Mumbai


The invention of electricity had laid the foundation of inventions. It had changed the lifestyle of people worldwide. The air conditioner is also among one of that inventions. The air conditioner was invented by an American Inventor Willis H Carrier at the starting of the 19th century. After 2-3 years with 6 employees, he formed The carrier air conditioning company.  In the year 1914 in Minneapolis, the first domestic air conditioner was installed in the house of Charles Gates. While the central ac was installed later in the year 1933. Soon after these incidents automobile companies also started using air conditioners to boost sales. Packard was the first automobile manufacturer to offer air conditioners in its cars in 1939.

In India, an air conditioner was launched in 1954 by Voltas Company. In starting era of Ac. It was very less in India. Later 5% of Indian homes were equipped with air conditioners. Now use of Airconditioner in India homes is increasing day by day. Multi-split and mini-split systems, ducted central systems, central plant cooling, portable units, window units, and packaged terminal, and packaged air conditioner are some of the types of air conditioners. 

Not only for luxurious lifestyle ac is used but also it has good health measures.  In the hot weather, ac is very useful for allergic people. Heatstroke and dehydration from heat can also be prevented through ac. The air which we get through ac is purified through mechanisms. One thing that should be noted that the cooling towers should be rinse. Uncleaned cooling towers cause legionella pneumonia bacteria which causes pneumonia. This case mostly happens with cooling towers, not with windows or other home-based Ac’s. But for precautionary measures, we should service our airconditioners periodically. 

We at Aircon services in Mumbai provide Airconditioner repairing services to our esteemed clients. We have the best ac technicians available with us. We deal all over Mumbai.